About Us

TÜDAŞ was established by Necati BOLKAN and his friends in Mersin in 1969 with the aim of evaluating agricultural products.

The company, which was established to support citrus producers and carry out their exports, started its working life. Exporting citrus fruits between 1969-1975, the company switched to the agricultural industry in 1975 and established a citrus packaging plant with a capacity of 20 tons/hour. Together with Tufan BOLKAN, who joined the management in 1978, in the following years, 20,000 tons of cold and frozen air warehouses, 300 tons/day citrus concentrate line, 100 tons/day fruit pulp line, 100 tons/day tomato paste line, fruit pulp as by-products, animal feed additives line, shell oils line, 24.000 bottles/hour soft drink facility, 12.000 bottles/hour fruit juice facility and plastic transport case production line were established and implemented the largest integrated facility of its subject.

The soft drink lines have made domestic and international sales as the Fresh brand. In 1986, under the Fresh brand, it became the first company in Turkey to manufacture soft drinks with easy-open tin cans.

In 1987, the Turkish license right of the 7UP soft drink brand was acquired for 20 years. In addition, its products were exported to European and Middle Eastern countries and were awarded some awards due to their high export figures. A unit that also stores and delivers frozen and other foodstuffs coming from abroad and sent to the Middle East has been established.

In the following years, TÜDAŞ established an office and shopping center with a closed area of 40.000 m2 at a central point in Istanbul/Şişli in 2001. The BOLKAN family, as one of the well-established families of Mersin, continues to produce citrus fruits and has also produced residences and commercial real estates for the luxury and middle class.

Tufan BOLKAN, who has been the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since 1978, has been serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since 1999.

We are at Şişli, a popular office region at the center of İstanbul.

We are at your disposal with 2 theater halls, street stores and parking garage, as well as offices consisting of ready-to-use 3 blocks, conference halls, open-air exhibition and event areas.